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Countless Lives Changed in Just One Month

Blog Team
Jul 22, 2023


This summer is flying by, but our incredible donors haven’t been sitting still!

Check out all the ways they recently provided help and hope in just one month:

The World Help family provided emergency supplies to refugees …

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Refugees received the lifesaving aid they’d been waiting for

Refugees all over the world lack basic essentials like food, shelter, and proper medical care. But in one month, the World Help family helped provide over 2,700 refugees in the Middle East with access to the medical treatment and preventative care they needed!

And in Colombia, when refugees from Venezuela found themselves without food, water, or shelter, the World Help family stepped in to help. They provided a generous supply of food and clothing to make sure that refugees’ most basic needs were met during a dark and difficult time.

Shipped lifesaving aid overseas …

Five containers of aid were recently shipped out in one month — and if that doesn’t sound like a lot, think again!

These containers were filled with over $1 million worth of aid combined and impacted impoverished communities in countries like Iraq, Belize, and Peru. The emergency aid from these containers helped over 108,000 people in need!

Completed seven water projects …

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Thousands of people no longer have to walk miles to get water

You also helped complete seven new water projects! Over 7,000 people in places like Honduras, India, and Tanzania received the lifesaving gift of clean water.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, people like John and his family won’t have to risk getting sick from drinking unsafe water.

They often walked two miles every day to gather dirty, contaminated water. The very thing that was supposed to give them life was putting them at risk of deadly waterborne diseases. Now, they have clean water right in their village for cleaning, farming, and drinking!

Constructed a church building …

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A community in South Asia now has a place to worship God and spread the Gospel!

In addition to providing physical aid, the World Help family helped build a new church in South Asia, helping bring the Gospel to a community of hundreds of people.

Now, they have a safe place to worship God and share His Word with others!

“This will allow us to continue spreading the Gospel to more people, which is what we really want,” one pastor said.

Helped send food to impoverished children …

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Hundreds of children no longer have to go to bed hungry

The World Help family also provided meals for over 300 impoverished children living in the slums of Peru.

Now, through a ministry-based outreach program, these children have a supply of nutritious food and the priceless opportunity to learn more about Jesus!

And provided vocational training in Tanzania!

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Women in Tanzania can support their families with their new vocational skills

With the help of generous people like you, a vocational school in Tanzania was recently completed and dedicated. Now, women at risk of entering the sex industry will instead be able to learn valuable skills, like sewing, to earn an income and support their families.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this incredible impact! Your support was a lifeline to people in need and an example of God’s love worldwide.

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