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COVID-19 is even affecting countries that haven’t been hit yet

  • March 23, 2020
Noel Brewer Yeatts
Noel Brewer Yeatts

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Five-year-old Manuela lives in Guatemala, a country where there have been less than a dozen confirmed cases of coronavirus so far.

But just because the virus may not have yet reached Manuela’s remote mountain village, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t affected by the pandemic. Manuela and her single mom are among the poorest people in Guatemala, and they depend on the generosity of others to stay alive.

The problem is that in times of uncertainty — like during a global pandemic — many people stop giving, and families like Manuela’s suffer.

COVID-19 has canceled fundraising events across the country. Because of this, World Help is now $2.3 million behind where we expected to be financially. That’s money that was earmarked to send to starving children like Manuela and other people in need.

Right now, we’re starting to get used to seeing a lot of bare shelves.

But while our grocery stores may temporarily run out of milk, eggs, bread, and cleaning supplies, we are blessed to have hardworking truck drivers and store associates working around the clock to make deliveries and restock our shelves.

Families living in poverty don’t have that luxury. The shelves in their homes are constantly empty, pandemic or not. And that’s why they need your help.

Manuela has already suffered from severe malnutrition once in her life. She had to be rushed to the doctor to receive emergency medical help and nutrition. Without access to these essentials, she would have died.

Although Manuela eventually recovered, her family is still struggling. Her dad passed away several years ago, and her mom has trouble finding steady work … so Manuela often goes hungry.

It’s scary to think that people like this starving little girl may not receive help because we’ve been forced to cancel our biggest fundraising events.

But perfect love drives out fear.

And when you give a special, emergency gift today, you will be showing tremendous love to the people around the world whose needs remain greater than our own — even now.

Your gift today will help erase this budget deficit. More importantly, you will feed hungry children, give medical care to the elderly, provide Bibles for the world’s most persecuted Christians and more.

I’m not asking you to give in order to keep World Help afloat. I’m asking you to give in order to keep children like Manuela alive, safe, and healthy.

Please give as generously as you can to help save lives.

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