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CRITICAL NEED: Hurricane Matthew cripples Haiti and Cuba

Blog Team
Oct 06, 2016

The news outlets are full of stories about the crippling effects of Hurricane Matthew in impoverished Haiti and Cuba. Winds are exceeding 124 mph, and the storm continues to surge through these nations. Classified as a category-4 hurricane, damaging winds are raging unchecked, casualty reports are mounting, and the infrastructure of many remote villages hangs in the balance.

Will you respond immediately and provide help and hope to those experiencing devastating circumstances? For $50 you can provide lifesaving supplies to aid a family for an entire month.

“It is very, very sad to see hundreds of houses destroyed … [this village] has been one of the prettiest cities of Cuba. Now, we may see a destroyed city,” our partner in Cuba said.


Homes, schools, and churches are completely wrecked in Haiti, a nation still recovering from a devastating earthquake in 2010. One report noted that the storm tore through an entire village, leaving only a single home standing in its wake.

The storm’s destruction will continue to unfold in the coming days, but there is an immediate need for help. Men, women, and children have lost their homes — some have lost everything — in just a few days. The terror from this storm is real, and we must act now. We must do what we can to provide hope and relief in the midst of disaster.

Will you respond today and provide immediate help to families in need? Will you be the answer they’re waiting on?

Please continue to pray. As families continue to ride out the storm, pray for safety. Pray for those who have lost everything and for provision for this difficult time.

Please continue to give. Remember, your $50 can help sustain a family for an entire month. Food staples and basic medicines your donation supplies will be the difference between life and death for those whose lives were uprooted from the storm.



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