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Cuban pastors get creative to share the Gospel during pandemic

Kelsey Campbell
Apr 16, 2020

Two hours.

That’s how long one man in Cuba reported having to stand in line at the store to buy food. And he didn’t come away with a full cart of groceries. He came away with a single package of chicken thighs.

Other than sickness, food shortages are among the worst effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries like Cuba have had to close their borders to prevent the spread of the virus, and that means a major break in the regular supply chain to stores.  

But you can help. Your gift right now will provide emergency aid like food, medical care, hygiene kits, clean water, and more to people impacted by the coronavirus. And thanks to a generous matching gift from World Help Board members, every $8 you give will now DOUBLE to impact two lives instead of only one.

Can you imagine standing in line for two hours at the grocery stores … waiting to pay for a single package of meat no less?

These are desperate times. So anything with protein is worth the wait.

Thankfully, a shipping container full of food — made possible by generous World Help donors — just arrived in Cuba. It is packed full of nutrient-rich meals that will keep families full and healthy. But this food is going to go fast.

That’s why struggling families need YOU to help send more to Cuba and other places struggling during this pandemic.

Food shortages aren’t just happening in Cuba, but around the world. And not only that, but food prices are also going up. So, people living in poverty could never dream of being able to afford to feed their families.

When you help provide emergency aid like food and hygiene kits, though, you’ll be meeting immediate physical needs while also showing people the love of Christ and helping to usher in the Gospel.

Our partners on the ground in Cuba have chosen to view this coronavirus situation not as a setback, but as an opportunity. “We don’t want to miss an opportunity to continue witnessing for the Lord,” they said. So, they’ve gotten creative. They ordered 1,000 face masks printed with Bible verses to wear and hand out. Now, each person wearing them will share the Gospel to those who are looking for help spiritually … without even saying a word.

What an incredible witness! And you can do the same. You can show the heart of Jesus Christ by meeting the physical needs of someone living on the margins of life.

Your contribution will help a family in Cuba or another country who can’t find food. Or it may help a family in the U.S.A. who is struggling to make ends since a portion of your gift will be used to provide emergency food to out-of-work people and hygiene kits here in our own nation.

You’ll also help make sure we at World Help can keep all of our vital global programs running. Because our spring fundraising events were canceled due to the coronavirus, we’re facing a large budget deficit, threatening the number of people we will be able to help.

Will you give today to help ensure these people can still be rescued?

You can do your part by giving right now, and thanks to the matching gift, your impact will DOUBLE. You can help save the lives of 2X as many people through one generous gift.

And since, during this time of fear and anxiety, people are more open to hearing the hope of the Gospel, your gift of food could turn into a gift of salvation for someone in need.

“We are believing God is working all things for good to those who love Him,” our Cuban partners said, “and we are choosing to see ourselves as those called by the eternal God to all of humanity. We are His collaborators and not victims.”

You can choose to be God’s collaborator today, too. Please help provide emergency aid and help spread the message of Jesus Christ.

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