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Cure a child of parasites with a handful of change

Vernon Brewer
Sep 25, 2018

When 4-year-old Pankina first contracted intestinal worms, it began as a simple stomachache … but soon turned into something much worse.

She was living a nightmare. Her symptoms ranged from excruciating stomach cramps to nausea, fatigue, and chronic diarrhea. No matter how much she ate, she continued to lose weight. And her family soon began to lose hope.

Pankina’s parents couldn’t pay for anti-parasite medication on their own. They have no education, so they are forced to make a living by begging on the streets of India. Some days they struggle to afford a single meal … much less the lifesaving pills their daughter needs to survive.

But you can cure a child like Pankina from painful parasites for just 99 cents! The pill you provide will completely rid a child’s body of intestinal worms within days. They will begin to experience relief almost right away!

Pankina lives in one of India’s poorest slums, where lack of proper sanitation makes children an easy target for worms that begin to multiply in their small bellies. More than 800 families live in this slum, and almost all of them suffer from the same problem.

The children are too sick to even play or do simple tasks our own kids do. These parasites are threatening the lives of these young children!

So when you provide anti-parasite medication, you are literally saving one boy or girl’s life.

Will you give today to help sick boys and girls suffering from parasites? The medication you provide will wipe the worms out of their tiny, malnourished bodies. Your gift will also be an incredible comfort to parents who feel hopeless as they watch their children waste away day after day.

And at just 99 cents to cure a child of parasites, the impact you can make is incredible! Think about it: every single dollar bill in your wallet right now is enough to cure a child today.

Please don’t let children like Pankina continue to suffer from painful parasites.

The solution is simple. These intestinal worms are killing kids … but for 99 cents, you can kill the parasites.

Please pray for these kids and their families, and please give as generously as you can. Most of all, please cure at least one child today!


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