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Cure a child of painful intestinal worms

A child infected with intestinal worms is living a nightmare. His symptoms range from excruciating stomach cramps to nausea, fatigue, and chronic diarrhea. No matter how much he eats, he continues to lose weight. And if he doesn’t receive help … he could die.

But you can cure 30 children of deadly parasites for just $30! Every 99 cents you give provides deworming medication that will completely wipe the worms out of a child’s body within days.

Families of children who are treated for intestinal worms will also receive a booklet about the Gospel and see Christ-like love demonstrated through the help they receive. So you’re helping meet a person’s urgent physical needs today and introducing them to an even greater hope for tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does my $30 provide?
Every $30 you give sends deworming pills to 30 children in poverty and provides Gospel booklets to their families.
Why is it so cost-effective?
We already have access to the deworming medication and are ready to rush it to sick children around the world. But we need YOUR help to get this medicine in the hands of children suffering from intestinal worms. It takes just 99 cents to provide the cure and a Gospel booklet to a child.
How do parasites affect a child’s body?
The worms in a child’s stomach steal the nutrients and energy from each bite of food a child eats.  Although both kids and adults can get parasites, they are especially dangerous for children because their bodies are still growing. Parasites can stunt a child’s development — both physically and mentally — and have even been known to cause blindness. They cause chronic malnutrition, excruciating stomach pain, and in severe cases … death.
What do the anti-parasite pills do?
Once a child takes the deworming medication, it’s only a matter of days before all the worms are eradicated from the child’s body. He will begin to experience relief right away! That means when you give today you can cure children suffering from deadly parasites!
Where will the medicine be sent?
We work in some of the most impoverished communities around the world, including remote jungle villages along the Amazon River. This means your financial gift is reaching the kids with the most urgent needs — those with the least access to medical care and those most likely to die unless they receive help. It also means you are helping to share the Gospel in communities that may have never heard of Jesus.

Cure a child of painful intestinal worms

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