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Cyclone Phailin | Disaster Response

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Oct 14, 2013

Cyclone Phailin—a Katrina-sized super storm—tore into India’s eastern coastline on Saturday, wreaking havoc on millions.

At least 12 million people were in the path of the storm, including World Help sponsored children and church planters. At this time, our partners have confirmed that all the children and partnering staff are safe, and for this, we praise God.

India Cyclone Phailin aid

Recent reports confirm that more than 500,000 people had to flee their homes, the largest evacuation India has attempted in the last 23 years. While several were killed by falling debris, it seems countless lives have been saved by evading the storm’s path. However, the fallout of the cyclone has devastated communities, ruined homes, and essentially eradicated the everyday lives thousands led only days ago.

India Cyclone aid

World Help’s in-country relief teams are strategically positioned to respond to the devastation and are now operating on high alert. Emergency supplies—temporary shelters, food, water, and other vital necessities—are already being distributed to local families in need. But the need is overwhelming.

India Cyclone Phailin relief

Our vision is to do everything in our power to save as many lives as possible. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Please Pray. Pray for the millions of people whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by the cyclone. Pray for comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for unity and effectiveness in the ongoing international relief efforts.
  2. Give a one-time gift to our Crisis & Disaster Relief Fund. These donations are used to provide direct assistance in emergency situations around the world, including the millions affected by Cyclone Phailin. Your gift of $250 today can provide life-saving supplies—shelter, food, and water—to an entire Indian family.

Please stand with us as we serve the survivors of this devastating storm. Your response today could save a life! 

India Cyclone Relief


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