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Days left to make your tax-deductible (and matched!) gift

  • December 28, 2018
World Help Blog Team
Blog Team

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The season of giving doesn’t have to be over.

There are still many people around the world in need as we get ready to enter 2019. So, will you give one final, tax-deducible gift to give families hope in the new year? When you do, your gift will be MATCHED up to $150,000! All you need to do is get your final donation in by midnight Dec. 31 (EST).

It takes as little as $5 to provide help and hope to someone living in poverty. So even if you’ve already made a gift this year, you can still afford to transform at least one more person’s life before 2018 ends.

Your gift will help meet some of the most urgent needs around the world like feeding starving children, providing medicine to sick refugees, or rescuing impoverished girls from sexual slavery.

It’s not too late to give one more time in 2018 — to save money on your taxes and help save lives. And your final gift DOUBLES when you give by midnight Dec. 31 (EST), helping twice as many people. So don’t wait!

Thank you. Please do not refresh the page while we process your transaction.