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Deadliest moments in Venezuela not caught on camera

Blog Team
May 01, 2019

Protesters took to the streets Tuesday after the leader of Venezuela’s opposition declared he was “beginning the final phase of Operation Freedom.” In the clashes that ensued, more than 50 people were taken to the hospital after being shot with rubber bullets or suffering other traumatic injuries.

In one instance, a military vehicle even appeared to plow into a crowd of protesters.

But the deadliest moments in Venezuela are ones you won’t see on the news. Not because they’re censored or too graphic … but because they’re happening behind closed doors. They take place in the homes of families where the refrigerators are empty and the pantries are bare.

While chaos reigns in the streets of Caracas, death lingers in the homes of the innocent children who won’t eat again tonight.

The tug-of-war between leaders keeps Venezuela in the news, but you won’t read as many stories about what’s happening behind the scenes: people dying without basic essentials.

Right now, you can send urgent, lifesaving supplies to someone starving in Venezuela. Your $25 will provide one person with several weeks’ worth of emergency food plus a hygiene kit, helping to save a life.

The situation in Venezuela is dire. Our partner there said he could barely drive through town when he went out to assess the situation.

“All the streets are loaded with debris, burning tires, car bumpers, fenders, trees, everything you name, it is on the roads everywhere,” he described. “I’m in a parking lot right now and can hear all the horns and whistles of everything going on. It’s serious here.”

But as the streets fill with rubble, you can help fill the stomachs of families in need. In these scary, uncertain times, you can give them the comfort of knowing that you care and that you are helping them survive.

Our partners in Venezuela are ready to distribute aid, but they can’t do that if they have no supplies to give out. That’s why your gift is desperately needed.

Will you give $25 today to provide one hungry Venezuelan with emergency food and other critical aid? Your gift will help rescue someone living through one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world.


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