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Death toll higher than we thought, Bahamian partner says

Blog Team
Sep 05, 2019

“Bodies are floating all through the water in Marsh Harbour,” our contact in the Bahamas said in an urgent message sent Wednesday.

The official death toll of Hurricane Dorian being reported by most major news outlets has risen to 20, but our partner and other locals have confirmed that many more lives have been claimed by the storm.

Those who were left alive after Dorian struck are now in survival mode. In many cases, 40 to 50 people are hunkered down in one home where a roof still remains.

Food, homes, cars, power lines, and other essentials have been destroyed or washed away, leaving people stranded and starving. Desperation has turned to violence in the worst-affected areas as people scramble to find food and water. “People are looting and shooting,” our partner said.

Our contacts on the ground are already responding in some of the most devastated areas like Grand Bahama and Abaco. They are prepared to rush in emergency aid both by boat and by plane. We also have partners ready to respond and help those in the U.S. who are in Dorian’s path. But they desperately need more supplies.

Your $50 will provide one person with lifesaving essentials like food, clean water, hygiene kits, and more … items that can be the difference between life and death.

You can help make sure Dorian’s death toll doesn’t continue to rise just because people don’t have access to food and other necessities.

Please give today to help save as many lives as possible.


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