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Defeat Malaria, Create a Better Future

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Apr 25, 2014

For the thousands of children around the world, malaria is a very real enemy. Malaria keeps students out of the classroom, cripples health, and in far too many tragic cases, causes death.

Every 60 seconds, a child dies of malaria.

Malaria crisis - World Help

Although malaria is entirely avoidable, access to life-saving preventative measures is severely limited for many impoverished communities, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa.

But the threat goes far beyond Africa . . . children from Guatemala to Myanmar remain extremely susceptible. Knowing how to combat the disease can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Your help is desperately needed to ensure every child in our programs receives the care and support they need to avoid malaria. For just $25, you can provide a mosquito net to a child at risk.

Fight malaria - World Help

World Help is committed to investing in three key areas of malarial care: education, prevention, and treatment. In the classroom, children are learning the proper preventative techniques for avoiding malaria and recognizing the symptoms early if they are infected.

Through the generosity of sponsors and supporters, we are working to provide mosquito nets for children and their families, allowing them to sleep in peace and protection . . . many for the very first time in their lives. We are also determined to fully supply each of our medical clinics with crucial resources needed to offer malaria patients the quality care they deserve.

World Malaria Day - World Help

Join us today, World Malaria Day, in defeating malaria and creating a better future . . . one mosquito net . . . one child at a time.

Defeat malaria | World Help



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