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Despite South Asia’s uphill battle against the pandemic, there is good news

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Jul 12, 2021

Earlier this year, World Help’s president sat down to talk with one of our partners from South Asia about the intense physical and spiritual needs caused by the pandemic. Since then, the situation has only grown worse with the region experiencing another wave of the virus and more lockdowns.

If impoverished families had any money saved, it’s now gone. They desperately need help.

The good news is while our partners in the field are distributing food and other aid, they are also able to share the Gospel. And they are finding that people are especially open to hearing it now during this time of great need.

Watch the video below to learn what the greatest needs are,
how the Gospel is spreading throughout South Asia, and how you can help.

1. The physical need

“The poor have already finished their savings,” our partner said.

If impoverished families had any money saved at the beginning of the pandemic, it disappeared months ago while they were under lockdown and unable to work.

Now, the new lockdowns are keeping people from their jobs once again. And farmers haven’t been able to sell their crops and livestock at the market.

Many families living in poverty have been forced to survive off just one meal a day. Parents have no money to buy clothes for their children or hygiene items to keep them healthy.

The good news is YOU can help. Your donations help provide essentials like emergency food, lifesaving supplies, medical care, and other physical help and spiritual hope to people in South Asia and around the world.

2. The spiritual need

The even better news is that when World Help’s partners distribute the help that you provide, they often have the opportunity to share the Gospel, as well.

Normally, Christians aren’t welcome in many parts of South Asia. They are often abused and alienated when they try to share their faith.

But slowly, our partners are beginning to see people becoming more open to hearing the Good News. They see the kindness and love of these Christians who are helping them in their time of greatest need, and they’re wanting to know why.

“In one particular village, we were not welcome,” our partner said. “But I understood that hunger has no religion. Once they were in a very difficult position, the food we gave was welcome, and we are now welcomed in that area. I think sometimes you have to create relationships, and you have to give our dues to a particular community for the community to welcome us.”

How you can help

As our partner said, “Hunger has no religion.” In other words, everyone needs food, Christians and unbelievers alike. It’s one thing that Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and all other people have in common. And when you provide food and other help for the hungry, you may open the door to share with them about the Bread of Life, as well.

All it takes is a small gift to make a huge impact both physically and spiritually.

Normally, $14 is enough to help provide one person with essentials like food, hygiene kits, medical care, clean water, Bibles, and more. But thanks to a $75,000 matching gift, your $14 now DOUBLES to impact two people when you give by July 31!

You can bring physical help and spiritual hope to families struggling to survive in South Asia and beyond. And you can make a difference that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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