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Devastating landslides wash away lives and livelihoods

  • July 14, 2020
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Dozens are missing or feared dead after Nepal’s most recent monsoons and flooding. Forceful landslides carried away homes and people on Friday, and the rescue missions are still ongoing in spite of the destruction and wreckage.

Now left homeless, people who were struggling due to the coronavirus are now facing another round of setbacks. Major roadways are blocked. Businesses have been washed away and farmlands have been flooded. The people of Nepal are in desperate need of your help.

Thankfully, your gift today can help rescue someone who is trying to survive this natural disaster. Your $50 can help provide one person with emergency aid like food, clothing, temporary shelter, and more. 

Our partners on the ground in Nepal have been working to distribute vital aid during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, their attentions have been forced to pivot to those who lost their homes, belongings, and the hope of ever recovering.

“While we’ve been working on Covid-19 response, literally reaching and serving thousands of needy families, Nepal has been facing another disaster of flood and landslide which killed 40 people, missing 45 and injured many,” our partner in Nepal said.

The people who remain in the wake of the flooding and landslides desperately need your help in order to make it through these next few weeks. Without access to food, clothing, shelter, or other daily essentials, these families won’t make it on their own.

They need YOUR help. So, please, rush in your gift of $50 in order to help rescue people who’ve lost everything.

Not only will you be sending emergency aid that people desperately need, but you’ll also be sharing spiritual hope by demonstrating the love of Christ to people in their greatest moment of need.

Your gift can help save lives!

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