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Do You Know What Your Support Means to a Refugee?

Sep 21, 2016

You know that your prayer and financial support are providing hope to refugees in need . . . but you may not realize just how much that hope is impacting lives in the Middle East.

That’s why we want to tell you Hani’s story.

Even beyond the suffering of persecution, violence, and displacement are those who were already vulnerable before ISIS arrived—the sick, the physically handicapped, the mentally ill . . . the weak.

Hani’s family is among them.

His son became paralyzed when he was just 5 months old. Not long after this tragedy, Hani’s wife witnessed their neighbor being murdered right outside their home, and she began to suffer with debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Given these circumstances, Hani shouldered a heavy responsibility for the welfare of his family. He worked tirelessly each day to earn money for the medical attention his son needed, then returned home at night to care for his children and wife.


While surrounding communities received warnings that ISIS was drawing near, Hani’s village found out when the bombing started.

ISIS bombed our village and we ran for our lives to protect our families and ourselves, Hani recalled. ISIS came and wrote the letter “N” on our home, claiming [it] as their possession. No one was able to stop them from doing [that]. We moved from Mosul to Erbil, fleeing for our lives.

Arrival at the refugee camp wasn’t the end of Hani’s nightmare. He had no means to provide the special care his son needed and his wife’s condition grew worse by the day.

But that’s when your kindness changed everything.

Because of you, Hani’s son is still able to receive the special food, doctor visits, and medication he needs to survive. Your generosity also made it possible for Hani’s wife to receive trauma counseling and rehabilitation so she can begin healing from the effects of PTSD.

All three of Hani’s children are now able to attend school, and the entire family has the physical, spiritual, and emotional support they need to sustain them.

This refugee relief program is helping us bear life, Hani said. They have been a blessing to our needs. The Lord has sent our way people to help relieve a little of our pain.

This is what the hope you give means to a refugee. It is a miracle in the face of impossible circumstances.

Your support is making a way for countless refugee families to keep on living. Your compassion is affirmation of God’s love in the midst of doubt, and a powerful source of comfort for those longing to return home.

See how your support is bringing hope to 7-year-old Viyan.

Living As A Refugee | Viyan’s Story from World Help

Every dollar is tangible proof to refugees that they are not alone, and far more importantly, that there is a God who cares about their every need.

You can continue to give evidence of God’s love in the Middle East today. Just $35 is enough to meet the most critical needs of one refugee.
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