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A goat can produce nearly 1 ton of milk in a year—
imagine what that can mean for a poor family!


A goat can produce nearly 1 ton of milk in a year—imagine what that can mean for a poor family!

A goat saved Mary’s children from malnutrition

As a single mother living in poverty, Mary struggled to provide healthy meals for her six children…until she received the life-changing gift of a goat.

She was so overwhelmed, knowing that the goat’s milk would provide the nutrients her children needed, that she literally danced for joy! “I will have manure to grow vegetables to feed my family and some to sell to buy other things,” she said. “My children are very happy to have the goat in our family.”

Why Should I Give a Goat?
  • A single goat can produce up to 1 ton of milk each year!
  • Goats provide nutrient-rich fertilizer to help grow healthy crops.
  • Because goats can be bred frequently, your gift multiplies exponentially.
  • Goats take up little space, require minimal maintenance, and thrive in all conditions.
  • When a family sells extra milk and goats to their neighbors, the entire community benefits.
Yes, I Want to Help!

For just $100, you can provide a goat to a family in need:

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