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Don’t forget about Cuba and Haiti

Blog Team
Oct 14, 2016

Their lives will never be the same. Death tolls are high, and families are left to pick up the pieces and dig through the rubble Hurricane Matthew left in its wake. Although the storm is over, aid is still desperately needed.

“The reports are not good. Over 900 people [in Haiti] died and many of the roads are blocked, making it impossible to get the adequate help they need,” our team member in Haiti said. “The desperation has caused riots and violence in some areas.”


Right now, people are sorting through the wreckage while fighting off despair. Families are mourning and desperate to provide for their children in the midst of disaster.

Men, women, and children are crying out to God for answers, for relief … and for hope.

Will you be that hope?

For just $50, you can provide a month’s worth of lifesaving aid to a family in need. You will give a tangible reminder that God has not forgotten them.

Our teams are currently assessing the damage, distributing critical aid, and praying with people affected by the storm. And they are praying that the disaster will provide an opportunity to meet physical and spiritual needs:

“Please pray that the Lord moves His people to love and good works, and pray that doors open and help reaches many places,” our team member in Cuba said.

You can do something that will make a lasting difference for a person in need.

Give today — and help families in Cuba and Haiti rebuild their lives.


*Your $50 today will provide lifesaving supplies for one month. Your help will make a lasting impact in Haiti and Cuba.


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