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Double your Christmas giving today

Vernon Brewer
Dec 01, 2017

The Christmas season is a powerful reminder of God’s love.

He gave us the greatest gift possible — Jesus Christ — and now you and I have the opportunity to share His love in a meaningful way.

I ask you to pause from the busyness of the season to remember the refugee families who won’t be home for the holidays this year … the children who are suffering from hunger … and fellow Christians who are being tortured in prison for their faith.

By sending in a special Christmas gift today, you’ll provide help and hope for people in desperate need around the world. And I’m thrilled to tell you that when you give by midnight Dec. 31 (EST), your tax-deductible gift will be DOUBLED!

Your gift will transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. You will send comfort and relief to them. Your gift will make an eternal difference as you:

• Distribute Bibles to persecuted believers

• Send emergency food and clothing to a refugee far from home

• Help women in India and Thailand regain their freedom

• Ship lifesaving supplies to a malnourished child

• And so much more

While you and I look forward to gathering with family and friends, other families are waiting for something else — help and hope.

And you can give it to them!

Families in the Middle East and Africa are forced to live in deplorable conditions. They are unable to feed their children.

In a small village in rural Guatemala, a mother cries as she watches her children suffer from malnutrition and sickness because she does not have food to give them.

By sending a Christmas gift today, you will provide incredible help and give eternal hope! You also will make TWICE the impact when you send in your tax-deductible gift by midnight Dec. 31 (EST).


Let me repeat that; your gift will be doubled!

There’s someone who needs you this Christmas. He needs you to care. He needs you to reach out and provide exactly the help he needs right now.

And when you send your donation before Dec. 31, your gift will be DOUBLED.

This year, you saw horrific acts of violence and terror around the world. But that’s exactly where God is calling you and me to go — into the darkest places on earth to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

For the sake of people who are suffering, please send in your gift — before Dec. 31.

Your will rescue children … transform hearts … and restore entire families.

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