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Double the Bibles means double the transformation in North Korea

Vernon Brewer
May 27, 2019

Christians in North Korea live knowing that any moment could be their last. If they are caught reading a Bible or sharing the Gospel, they will be sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp. Unfortunately, this prison sentence is just a formality — most Christians won’t survive more than a few years.

But that danger doesn’t stop them from asking for more Bibles. In fact, it makes them want Scriptures even more. And that’s where you can help.

Thanks to a generous matching gift, all donations are being DOUBLED up to $60,000 for a limited time. That means that every $10 you give provides not one, but two Bibles to Christians struggling to hang on.

Our partner working secretly in North Korea recently shared just how dangerous it is for Christians in his country.

He explained how believers who are arrested are transported to prison camps known for their brutal and inhumane treatment. Not even the most serious criminals suffer that fate.

Once inside the camps, prisoners are stripped of their name, their identity, their family, and finally, their life. Very few make it out alive. But brave Christians like Jang-mi are willing to risk even death for the chance to own a Bible.

Let me tell you a little about Jang-mi’s story. I’ve changed her name to protect her because when she and her husband were newlyweds, they escaped North Korea into China. But shortly after their arrival, they discovered freedom of a different kind — they were introduced to Jesus Christ.

Driven by a desire to spread the Good News, Jang-mi’s husband decided he must return to North Korea. He knew it was dangerous, but he had to go. Promising he would be back the next day, her husband left.

A few days went by … then a week … then a month. Worried about her husband, Jang-mi attempted to cross into North Korea. She was caught and tortured, especially when her captors found out she was a Christian. Through it all, Jang-mi remained strong. She even began to share her faith with her torturers.

Many people wouldn’t have survived the abuse Jang-mi went through. I can’t share details due to safety concerns, but by a miracle, she was eventually let go.

When she was finally released, Jang-mi learned that her husband had been executed for his faith. She was heartbroken, but she knew what she had to do. Jang-mi returned to China and completed a Bible training program before going back to North Korea.

“I have to go back,” Jang-mi said. “I have to go back and tell those who have not heard.”

Like most Christians in North Korea, Jang-mi believes that God’s Word has the power to transform lives. And she believes the Gospel is worth any price.

But to accomplish her calling of boldly sharing the Gospel in North Korea, Jang-mi needs more Bibles! While she can tell people about Jesus, they need their own copy of the Scriptures so they can grow in their faith.

There has never been a greater time to send God’s Word to North Korean believers like Jang-mi who are willing to risk prison or even death just to hold God’s Word for themselves and share it with others.

“The life expectancy in [prison] camps for Christians is dire,” our partner shared. “And yet, by God’s grace, the number of Christians inside North Korea has grown rapidly. This is the urgency — the people of North Korea need to be fed the Word of God.”

And they are depending on you to help send it. For a limited time, your donation will be doubled thanks to a generous matching gift — up to $60,000! That means that every $10 you give provides not one, but two Bibles to Christians like Jang-mi!

The Bibles you send will bring joy and encouragement to believers who are facing terrifying odds. And because of you, those Christians will be equipped to better share the Gospel with those around them.

Jang-mi’s life was transformed by the hope of the Gospel, and she believes it will transform her nation. Will you help her and other persecuted Christians by sending Bibles into North Korea?


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