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DOUBLE the impact of your holiday giving this year

Emily Towns
Oct 29, 2019

The holidays are quickly approaching. And when it comes to Christmas, it seems there are two types of people — the planners and those who buy their gifts at the last minute.

But no amount of planning can prepare you for a disaster like a massive hurricane or a devastating famine. And for people living in poverty, these events can be especially crippling. Speed is crucial in these moments because in times of crisis, people can’t afford to wait around for things like food, clean water, or medical aid.

When you give where needed most this holiday season, you make sure that immediate aid is ready to go as soon as disaster strikes. Whatever the need, you will be the one to help meet it — your generosity may even be the difference between life and death for a person in crisis.

Your $45 will help someone in his moment of greatest need — and your gift DOUBLES!

Thanks to a matching gift, every dollar you give multiplies 2X up to $50,000, allowing you to help rescue twice as many people.

Because of your quick thinking and early planning, you can help …

• a starving child have plenty of food to eat

• an injured disaster survivor receive the medical aid he needs

• A refugee have access to clothing, warm blankets, and other necessities for winter

• And so much more!

You can’t always plan for disaster, but this Christmas, you can make sure that someone receives lifesaving supplies just in time. With this Christmas gift, you’ll be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground, bringing a message of hope to someone in the midst of great darkness.

Whether you’ve already bought all of your Christmas gifts or you’re waiting until the week before, giving where needed most — a gift that DOUBLES — is a no brainer!

Give today and make an eternal impact with your holiday giving this year.


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