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DOUBLE your gift when you give by March 31

Blog Team
Feb 13, 2020

Because you’re taking the time to read this blog, you clearly care about people in need around the world and are always interested in ways you can help. You deserve to know what’s at stake, so we’re going to be direct.

World Help’s fiscal year is about to end, and your help is needed to avoid a budget shortfall.

We’ve already made internal cuts within the organization. We’ve also reduced expenses, but should we still fall below budget by the end of the fiscal year (March 31), the next thing to be reduced is the number of people who receive help in 2020.

Will you prayerfully consider making a donation to help ensure that no one who is in need of rescuing goes without the physical help and spiritual hope they need?

The good news is that your gift will DOUBLE up to $250,000! World Help board members who are confident this shortfall can be avoided have pledged to match your gift dollar for dollar. All you have to do is give before midnight on March 31 (EDT).

This means your gift will provide twice as many necessities like food, clean water, warm clothing, medical care, Bibles, and other life-changing aid.

Normally every $8 you give will impact one life.  But because of the matching funds, every $8 you send will help TWO people! You’ll ensure two people’s most urgent needs are met while also showing them the love of Christ. With just $8!

When you give today (and your gift is DOUBLED), you can make sure that people who are counting on help to arrive — who desperately need aid to survive — receive it.

Here are a few of the ways your doubled gift can help people in desperate need …

  • You’ll deliver food to a starving child

  • You’ll place a Bible in the hands of an elderly North Korean Christian for the first time

  • You’ll give medical care to a sick boy or girl on the brink of death

  • You’ll rush aid to people left homeless after a natural disaster

  • You’ll make clean water available to communities facing constant disease

This is a crucial time of year, and time is running out. The end of our fiscal year is fast approaching, and the people who are waiting for help and hope need you now more than ever.

Please give before midnight March 31 (EDT) to help avoid the shortfall and instantly DOUBLE your gift up to $250,000.

Thank you in advance for the lives you are going to help save.

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