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Double your impact for eastern Ghouta’s refugees

Blog Team
Mar 27, 2018

The fighting in eastern Ghouta may soon be coming to an end. One rebel group is already leaving the area, and people are fleeing the city in incredible numbers. An estimated 105,000 people have evacuated in the past 10 days, and that number is expected to rise; most are headed to Damascus.

The refugees are in desperate need of aid. Trapped in the city for months, many have gone without sufficient food, water, and medicine. But you can change that today for just $35. And because of a matching offer, any donation up to $13,000 will be doubled!

Our partners in Damascus are working in the camps to provide essentials such as nutritious food, clean water, blankets, hygiene kits, and medical care. But they can’t do it without your help.

Recently, an aid worker in the area reported that the refugees are overwhelmed and distraught about what comes next. “They are ashamed of how they look, how they are dressed, how they smell. … They didn’t eat in days, they didn’t have a bath for days, weeks or months; they are thirsty and cold, and they do not have a place to sleep.”

Your gift of $35 will provide food, medical care, hygiene kits, basic essentials, and clean water for one displaced person. And today your impact is doubled!

When you give $35 today, you are providing two Syrian refugees with the help they need to rebuild their lives and survive another day. Your gift can offer hope and relief to people who have suffered so much despair. Please give today and double your impact!

Match provided by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in combination with an anonymous contributor.


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