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Education & Sustainability

After a community’s most immediate needs have been met, the most effective way you can help is by empowering them to sustain themselves. By providing vocational training and agricultural opportunities, you give mothers and fathers peace of mind knowing they can feed their children each day. By equipping local pastors, you ensure that the Gospel will continue to thrive in the community for years to come.

Investing in education is one of the most powerful ways you can make a lasting impact. Education gives children the one thing many people in the developing world lack—opportunity. Unfortunately, families often cannot afford school fees or supplies. When you enable a child to attend school, you give them the freedom to choose what they want to be when they grow up and the ability to send their own children to school someday.



Sponsorship, Uniforms, School Supplies

Vocational Training

Vocational Scholarships, Tools, Trade Supplies


Basic necessities and education

Agricultural Initiatives

Livestock, Produce Seeds, Farming Tools

Church Planter Training

Training Programs, Discipleship, Church Planting Materials

Bible Distribution

New Testaments, Children’s Storybook Bibles, Bible Commentaries


Child Sponsorship
For just $35 a month, you can provide a child with the things they need most to become a thriving adult—essentials such as food, clothing, medical care, education, and a chance to hear about God’s love.
School Supplies
A child’s progress in school often determines their opportunities as an adult. Make sure one boy or girl is equipped with the supplies they need to succeed both now and in the future.
Vocational Training Scholarships
Students who have been forced to drop out of school frequently have to rely on difficult, low-paying labor jobs just to survive . . . but you can offer them an alternative through vocational training.
Sustainability Projects
Give the gift of financial independence by equipping one man or woman with the tools needed to earn a living through agriculture or small business.
Church Planting
The best method to equip communities with the Gospel is to enable local believers with the knowledge and supplies to plant churches in their area. Help spread God’s Word through church planting today.
Bible Distribution
Many believers living in poverty or persecution have never owned a copy of God’s Word. When you provide Bibles, you help them grow in their faith and share the message of Christ with others.

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