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Equip first responders as Irma makes landfall

  • September 06, 2017
World Help Blog Team
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Katrina: a category 3 hurricane that took 1,833 lives.

Harvey: a category 4 hurricane that caused nearly $180 billion in damages.

Irma: a category 5 hurricane causing major destruction on its path.

With estimated 185-mph winds, Irma is the strongest hurricane the Atlantic has ever produced. Citizens in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Florida are bracing for devastation that could be worse than Harvey’s recent destruction.

After seeing and hearing stories from those affected by Harvey, many in Irma’s path are preparing for the worst.

We have relief workers on the ground ready to bring urgent aid to the areas affected. But they desperately need more supplies to meet the projected need.

For just $50, you can provide emergency aid today so first responders on the ground can act immediately. 

After Irma has plundered its path, people will be left to sift through the damage. But you can give toward restoration right now to help ensure an immediate response.

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