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Eva is dreading another winter without a coat

Vernon Brewer
Oct 25, 2018

Winter is the deadliest time of year for impoverished people living in places like the mountains of Peru or the thin tents of a refugee camp. And frigid weather will be here before we know it.

Families are already worried about how they will survive without warm clothing, coats, blankets, and other winter essentials.

Right now, we have these and other vital winter supplies sitting in our warehouse — but I need your help to ship them before the freezing winter temperatures arrive. Many people won’t survive unless these essentials are shipped in time.

Every $1 you give will ship $33 worth of blankets, coats, food, medicine, and more.

When you give today, you can rescue someone like Eva. Eva is a young girl who lives in a refugee camp in northern Iraq. I’ve changed her name to protect her.

Although many people think of the Middle East as having a warm climate, Eva knows that’s not always the case. Northern Iraq receives heavy snowfalls each winter. And after the snow melts, the wet, bone-chilling mud remains.

The lack of proper heating means Eva’s clothes never really dry out. She’s always cold … especially as she walks to school in the freezing rain.

Without warm, waterproof winter clothing, Eva and her friends will get sick. And getting sick is dangerous when there are no medicines or doctors around. Even a simple cold or flu can be deadly.

That’s why it’s so urgent that they receive warm clothing, blankets, and medicine before they get sick this winter.

Will you help ship these lifesaving supplies today? Any amount you give will help rescue one person in need and will be an incredible relief to someone suffering during the long, harsh days of winter. Plus, your gift multiplies 33X!

Generous corporate donors and grants have provided many of these winter items, and they are sitting in our warehouse right now. They just need to be shipped as soon as possible. That’s where you come in.

Every dollar you give ships $33 worth of those items — food, warm clothing, medical aid, and other winter supplies — to someone who needs them to survive. 

You can send help to a refugee like Eva or another person in poverty who could possibly die without it. You can save a life today.

But winter will be here soon — please don’t wait to act.


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