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Every girl deserves freedom

The millions of women in the global sex industry could easily be labeled as “broken,” “unloved,” “worthless,” “captive,” or “slave.”

But freedom gives these women a new identity. Freedom allows a woman the right to choose her dreams as well as provide a different future for her children.

Every woman should have the right to choose freedom. But due to poverty, many women are robbed of their basic choices. For $50, you can help give back that choice to one woman.

Recently, I spoke at the Q Ideas conference about the debilitating power of poverty and how it entraps women. You can view that speech here:

<a name="video"></a>

In a world full of darkness, you can help one woman experience the light of freedom!

Your gift today will help give one girl in India or Thailand access to an education and a safe place to live. But, most importantly, she will have the opportunity to hear about the God who loves her unconditionally. All it takes is $50 to help her regain both physical and spiritual liberty.

We need to be bold and speak out for those who have no voice. Because of their culture and the life they were born into, these women perform grueling, degrading work in order to survive — they have no choice.

But I have a choice. You have a choice. Together, we can choose to introduce freedom.

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