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Extend a helping hand to a mom this Mother’s Day

Kelsey Campbell
May 13, 2018

Shedling climbs out of her comfortable bed and puts on her nurse’s uniform. It was only a short time ago that she was jobless and living on the streets of Haiti — trying to care for a newborn baby.

She can’t believe how different her life is now.

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Shoulders back and head high, she’s proud of the work she does at the nearby Rescue Center. But most importantly, she is grateful for her second chance at life.

When Shedling was out of work and without a home, there was an added complication: her health was deteriorating. And her son, Danielson, was close to death.

Malnutrition was killing them both, and Shedling had nowhere to turn.

That’s when generous donors rescued this desperate mother and her son. Because of their support, Shedling and Danielson were able to receive emergency medical attention and nutrition at the Haiti Rescue Center.

Nurses at the center told Shedling that if she hadn’t arrived when she did, she would have died.

But because of the support and love of people thousands of miles away, Shedling and Danielson are now thriving.

During her stay at the clinic, Shedling received care, but she also felt God nudging her to do something. Once she and Danielson recovered, Shedling wanted to give back.

She started volunteering at the Rescue Center and even enrolled in a nursing assistant’s training program.

Shedling received the best gift of all: a restored life for herself and her son. And now she’s using that gift to help take care of other mothers who are going through what she experienced.

Today, you can help a mother like Shedling, too!

Being a mom is one of the hardest — and most important — jobs on earth. And every mother needs love, encouragement, and support. But imagine if you couldn’t even provide food for your child … 

Show a mom you care today by helping rescue her child from malnutrition. Shedling’s story is a powerful testimony of the impact your gift will make, both in the life of the child and the life of the mom.

Your $50 gift will provide the initial nutritional needs and a medical evaluation for a starving child like Danielson. You will help save a life and stand in the gap for a mom like Shedling who is struggling to care for her family.

Rescue a child — and give hope to a mom — this Mother’s Day.

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