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Families in Guatemala are literally raising a white flag

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 01, 2020

A white flag: the ultimate symbol of surrender and defeat.

During this battle against the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis it has brought, many families are finding themselves on the losing side. They can’t provide for themselves any longer.

In Guatemala, families are literally hanging white flags outside their homes as a sign that they are out of food. These strips of fabric ripple in the wind — a cry for help.

But you can help families like these in Guatemala and others in need worldwide. You can help provide aid like food, clean water, hygiene kits, and more to someone who doesn’t have access to daily essentials. And thanks to a generous matching gift from World Help Board members, every dollar you donate will DOUBLE up to $235,000.

The coronavirus pandemic has made life even more challenging for people who were already struggling to get by. It’s made the poor poorer, and it’s made the weak weaker.

Families who relied on farming jobs or daily labor are now left with no income. In Guatemala — as well as in many other countries — everything has shut down due to social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates.

People once living paycheck-to-paycheck are now starving in their own homes.

“I go looking through the bins where the rubbish is,” one woman who had raised a white flag told a reporter.

Even if a family were able to afford to buy groceries, most people living in remote villages would need to travel miles to find a store. And now there is no public transportation. People are forced to walk for hours to go shopping during a store’s limited hours.

Without help soon, people throughout Guatemala could starve.

Families in places like Uganda, India, Nepal, and Brazil need food as well, even if they haven’t physically raised a white flag outside their door.

Today, you can be the one to answer their cries for help.

Because your gift is matched, every $8 you give is now enough to impact TWO people. You’ll help provide lifesaving essentials like emergency food, medical care, hygiene kits, and more.

Our partners are working as hard as they can to get aid to starving families. In Guatemala, three different teams are going out daily to pass out food. “We just want to make sure we get there before those white flags go up saying that they are starving, or that we are taking those white flags down,” our partner said.

But they are only able to pass out as much food as people like you help to provide.

You can help provide lifesaving aid and bring hope to people around the world struggling to survive during the pandemic. YOU are critical to this rescue mission.

Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you’ll also help erase the shortfall World Help is facing due to canceled fundraising events. People living in poverty were counting on the funds from these events. They are desperate for help. And you can make sure the help they need arrives.

Please give today.

Every day that a community lives under quarantine is another day that a parent or grandparent gives up hope for feeding their family. Every day their children go hungry, they feel defeated. They feel like giving up in surrender.

But your gift can help them win the battle against starvation. You can help save a life and bring hope during this global pandemic.

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