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Family Ties

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Jul 06, 2011

How does sponsorship impact a child’s mother, father, brother, or sister?

Have you ever thought about the impact sponsorship has on an entire family?

Meet Julius, a young boy from Uganda.

Julius knows firsthand the power of AIDS. He lost his father to the disease, leaving Julius’ mother to care for him and his three siblings by herself. His mother is a peasant and works long days in the field only to make very little money.

Despite this young boy’s difficult situation, Julius has a love for life. His favorite hobbies are singing and soccer. In school, Julius works hard to be a good student and especially enjoys studying science. He dreams of one day seeing his nation from the air as a pilot, but for now, his job is to help his mother around the house by fetching water and sweeping.

Last spring, we received word that Julius was in need of a costly surgery to correct a birth defect that was causing him a great deal of pain. Through the help of sponsorship and the Medical Emergency Fund, Julius was able to have the surgery and receive the specialized medical attention he needed. Soon after, we received an update that not only was Julius doing very well, but his family members, who are not believers in Christ, are now attending church because of the love and care shown to Julius through the sponsorship program.

Stories like Julius’ are an encouragement to my entire staff and me, as it gives us a glimpse into the bigger picture of Child Sponsorship. It seems as though each week we receive letters, notes, emails, and even giant greeting cards sharing how much the families of children in our programs appreciate the kindness that our sponsors have provided.

Here is an encouraging letter from Justine, a single mom from Uganda, who has a daughter in our sponsorship program:



I’m a single parent who has always been struggling to make ends meet, I’d love to thank Jerry and Judy for the precious work they are doing. My daughter Jovia is a beneficiary of the World Help sponsorship program and has greatly improved on her academic performance and self esteem. She is full of praises for all that has happened to her. God bless you.


Kind Regards,


And here is a GIANT thank you note we received from a Nepali child’s mother and father:

Thank you very much for supporting Joshua Paite financially and in prayers. Now he is 18 months old and is joining kindergarten. Please continue to pray for him.

Joshua’s Mom and Dad


Whether it’s alleviating the burden of a single mother, or compelling a family to attend church together, it is important to know that your faithful support is working miracles.

We believe that by investing in the life of a precious child we are doing something bigger by building stronger families and better communities around the world!


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