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Father’s Day is Approaching: A Gift that Honors His Legacy

Melissa Schultz
Jun 06, 2016

He provides, protects, guides, gives, lifts, and loves. He holds your trust and respect. No matter how old you are, your father is still your hero.

This Father’s Day, why not honor his legacy by helping another father protect and provide for his own family?

For $35, you can give one refugee father the resources he needs to restore his dignity and provide him the strength to care for his family: emergency food, clean water, medicine, hygiene items, and durable clothing.

Then, send your father an e-card letting him know the impact his gift will make for this struggling father.

Taking care of others is second nature to Isaac, an Iraqi Christian and father of four.

Isaac and Family

As a refugee, he has spent years guiding his family through the terror and turmoil of ISIS attacks, homelessness, and life on the run. Despite the fear that is the constant companion of most refugees, Isaac is determined to remain positive.

As a Christian, Isaac knows his hope and purpose amid suffering comes from Christ alone.

And even though Isaac and his family are refugees, he doesn’t believe he is exempt from serving those around him. So far, he has given his home, his car, his extra money, and even one of his kidneys to other refugees in need.

Isaac relentlessly serves others, protects them from danger, and loves his neighbors with a father-like compassion he can only attribute to Christ’s work within him.


But despite his generosity and love, Isaac is finding aid supplies more and more difficult to come by. Most refugees cannot find work, and resources are getting dangerously low as aid organizations pull out of the region.

Isaac is running out of options.

This Father’s Day, demonstrate your appreciation by helping an Iraqi father who is desperate to take care of his family.

Not only will you make a difference in one refugee’s life, but you will also be honoring your father’s legacy.

What better way to celebrate your father’s love than to let it transform the life of another father in need?

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