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Felix’s fight against poverty, paralysis, and a pandemic

After a spinal injury left him paralyzed from the waist down, Felix felt powerless to provide for his family — and that was before the pandemic struck. 

Felix used to work as a bricklayer, making only a small income but enough to take care of his wife and children. Once Felix was injured, though, they had to survive off the little money his wife made doing laundry in their Nicaraguan village. 

Then the pandemic came. Felix’s wife lost her job due to social distancing and mandatory lockdowns. And the family began to starve. 

Unfortunately, Felix and his wife’s story is very similar to many other people’s around the world. Times were already hard for families living in poverty before the pandemic. Now the coronavirus — along with the mass unemployment and food crisis it has brought — has made it almost impossible for these families to survive.  

That’s why people like Felix still need your help today.  

Desperate, Felix began begging anyone who would listen to help him and his family. As a last-ditch effort, he even called into a local television station to see if he could get any relief for his wife and kids. He knew that if something didn’t change soon, his children might not have long left to live 

Felix was on the verge of total economic and emotional collapse. Stuck in a wheelchair and trapped in desperate poverty, he was running out of hope for life to ever get better. 

That’s when help arrived — right when Felix and his family needed it most.  

Thanks to generous donors like you, the family received bags stuffed with food and essentials they desperately needed.  

They were so grateful for the food that they prayed right then and there that God would bless the hands that provided this gift for their family!  

As a mother myself, I can only imagine the thankfulness I’d feel toward someone who helped to keep my family alive. It would truly feel like a miracle.  

And for Felix and his wife, it was a miracle. 

Because they received food, they will now be able to sleep in peace with full stomachs for several weeks, hopefully until Felix’s wife can go back to work.  

You can help another family around the world like Felix’s when you give lifesaving aid today. And, thanks to a generous matching gift pledged by World Help Board members, every dollar you give will double up to $300,000. 

Not only will your gift help families in need and bring incredible hope during this pandemic, but it will also help erase a projected budget shortfall caused by fundraising events being canceled due to the coronavirus. You’ll play a part in making sure the people living in poverty who were counting on receiving aid still get the help they need. 

People like Felix are feeling powerless right now. But you have the power to help theduring these trying times. So, please give today and help save a life. 

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