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Fight for freedom this Human Rights Day

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 10, 2018

Someone once wrote of Eleanor Roosevelt: “She would rather light candles than curse the darkness, and her glow has warmed the world.”

Could someone say the same about you?

As one of the key players in founding Human Rights Day, Eleanor Roosevelt knew that fighting for equal rights isn’t something you can sit back and wait for someone else to accomplish. It requires personal action.

Today marks 70 years since that first Human Rights Day when Eleanor Roosevelt and other world representatives adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. People all around the globe continue to follow in her footsteps by taking action … and you can, too.

Because the fight isn’t over.

One of the basic human rights included in the declaration is the right to freedom from slavery. Yet, tens of thousands of girls in Thailand and India’s Banchara community aren’t able to exercise that right today.

They have been taught that this right doesn’t apply to them because they were born into poverty. Tradition dictates that girls in these cultures are supposed to be the breadwinners for their families. And if they can’t afford an education, that often leaves them with just one option — the sex industry. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of cultural slavery.

But you can do something to help. You can light a candle instead of simply looking into the darkness only to turn away, claiming the need is too overwhelming.

With your help, one girl can be reminded of her human rights, her dignity, and her freedom to dream of a better life outside the sex industry.

All it takes is $50 to introduce one girl to freedom.

Your generous gift will provide essentials like a safe place to live, medical care, counseling, education, vocational training, and more. Plus, the girl you help rescue will also have a chance to learn about how she can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By fighting for one girl’s rights, you can give her the chance to dream and find a different future.

And that’s what Human Rights Day is all about … rediscovering the inalienable rights we’re all born with … and how even the darkness of the sex trade cannot take those rights away.

With your $50 gift, you can be the light that leads one girl out of the darkness. You can help introduce one girl to freedom.

And imagine if someday she spoke of you like the world has viewed Mrs. Roosevelt: She lit candles on my behalf and her glow has warmed my world.


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