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“Folks, I need you to see this,” Venezuelan pleads

Blog Team
Mar 13, 2019

Venezuela used to be the wealthiest country in Latin America. Now, it looks like the backdrop for a post-apocalyptic movie.

Most of the country is still in the dark after last week’s massive power outage. Families have resorted to collecting dirty water from streams since water pumps aren’t working. Grocery stores have been looted and trashed. Riots fill the streets. And communication is almost nonexistent. However, our partner on the ground was able to get out this short, desperate plea:

“Folks, I need you to see this. This is what’s going on right now. Your prayers and help are urgently needed!”

Will you respond to this critical need? This is truly the worst humanitarian disaster in the world today. For just $25, you can help provide one person with several weeks’ worth of emergency food plus a hygiene kit.

Venezuelan families are terrified right now. Many, like Isabella, have already lost loved ones during Venezuela’s ongoing political and economic crisis. The recent blackout has resulted in even more preventable deaths, and countless people are on the brink of starvation.

People are wondering, “Will it ever end? Will help ever come?”

YOU can be the one to send the help they have been waiting for. Please give today to help rescue Venezuelans in crisis and give them hope during this tragic time.

Your $25 gift will help provide several weeks’ worth of emergency food to one person plus a hygiene kit. Your gift will help prevent more senseless deaths in Venezuela.


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