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Fresh ideas for celebrating Easter with your sponsored child

Kelsey Campbell
Apr 01, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved celebrating Easter. It’s a special time of year with flowers blooming, warmer weather, colored eggs, beautiful pastels, and images of the Christian Easter season.

Of course, since Easter falls in the springtime, it is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings, especially the new life we have since Jesus rose from the dead. And it’s also the perfect time to connect with your sponsored child.

Here are some fun and fresh ideas to get your sponsored child excited for spring and Easter:

Share a family moment

For most people, Easter Sunday includes spending quality time with family and friends over a good meal. Make your sponsored child feel like he or she is part of your celebration by sending a special photo of you and your family. It can be a picture of you all surrounded by the fresh spring flowers or dressed up in the new clothes you’ll wear for Easter Sunday.

You can make it more fun by hiding Easter eggs in the background of your photo. Whether it’s outside or in front of your family’s fireplace, hide a few colorful, plastic eggs around you, make sure they’re peeking out a bit, and then prompt your sponsored child to see if he or she can find all the eggs while looking at the photo.

This fun activity will make your sponsored child feel as if he or she is there celebrating Easter with you and your family.

Make an Easter craft

Even though you can’t send an Easter basket complete with a giant, chocolate bunny and jelly beans, you can still send your sponsored child an Easter gift.

This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your own children or grandchildren, as well! Making the craft together will help remind them why you sponsor this child and also the significance of the Easter season.

Try making a craft that highlights the real reason we celebrate Easter: whether it includes a cross or an empty tomb. You can see all kinds of Easter crafts here on our Pinterest board specifically for sponsors!

My personal favorite is easy — but so creative! Use painter’s tape to mark out a cross in the middle of a sheet of white paper. Then, with colorful, pastel paints, create dots all over the paper using your fingertips. Once you peel the tape away, a white cross will be in its place.

Your sponsored child will love to see your family’s fingerprints all over this beautiful picture. It will be a special bonding moment, for sure! And it will highlight the reason we celebrate Easter: Christ’s death and resurrection.

Write a letter

As always, we encourage you to write a letter to your sponsored child so the two of you can grow even closer.

Be sure to click and download this year’s free printable Easter letter, fill it out, and send it to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and ID #] 
c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program 
P.O. Box 501 
Forest, VA 24551

Your sponsored child will love to hear about how you and your family celebrate Easter. Share what part of the day is your favorite, whether it’s a sunrise service, beautiful lilies decorating your church, or a meal with family afterward.

Not only will your sponsored child learn more about you, but this may also prompt him or her to write you back. You may even end up learning about how his or her community celebrates the holiday and Jesus’ resurrection.

Get started today and celebrate this wonderful holiday with your sponsored child.


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