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From selling burgers on the street … to starving at home

Sam Campbell
May 09, 2020

Rajinder seemed to have it all: A loving wife. Four studious daughters. A thriving business.

He worked as a food vendor in South Asia, selling burgers to hungry customers. Every day people would walk over on their lunch breaks or at dinnertime to grab a quick bite off the grill.

But then the coronavirus hit, forcing Rajinder to close up shop.

Rajinder is one of countless people who have lost their jobs over the past few weeks. By giving a gift of emergency coronavirus relief, you can help provide someone like Rajinder with essentials like food, medical care, and more. And your donation will DOUBLE thanks to a matching gift from World Help Board members!

Rajinder has always been a hard worker. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get his food service up and running, but he made it happen. He took pride in his work. Cooking wasn’t just his way of providing for his family … it was also his way of giving back to his community.

It also helped him afford a quality high school education for his two oldest daughters. Rajinder planned on doing the same for the two younger girls. He even took out a large loan to ensure his family’s needs were met.

Sadly, Rajinder’s plans and all those years of hard work came crashing down in mid-March because of the coronavirus. The country closed all schools, offices, factories, and businesses — including Rajinder’s food service.

Without any source of income, Rajinder now has no way to provide for his family.

He can’t afford to pay off his debt. He won’t be able to pay for his daughters’ education when the schools open back up. He’s not even able to put food on the table.

Living in a developing country, Rajinder relies on his daily wages. He has no savings account. No extra cash hidden in a cupboard somewhere. His family survives day by day.

But the coronavirus has turned Rajinder’s life upside down.

He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to go back to work. And he doesn’t know how much longer his family can survive with no food or money …

Will you help ensure Rajinder and other impoverished people make it through this pandemic? Every dollar you give will automatically double to have 2X the impact. That means an $8 gift will now help rescue TWO people instead of one!

When you give, you’ll not only provide for their physical needs, but you’ll also share the love of Jesus.

“As the churches and believers show them compassion and help them with food and other basic necessities, people are more receptive to the Gospel,” our South Asia partner said.

You can be the hands and feet of Jesus today. You can share the Good News with people halfway around the world who have never heard it before. In fact, our partners said they’ve been able to pass out gospel tracts with some of the food distributions!

This is your chance to bring physical help AND spiritual hope to people in need. And what better time to do it than during this global crisis?

Your doubled gift will help provide essentials like emergency food, clean water, medical care, and more to people around the world. You’ll also help erase World Help’s budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events so we can continue serving people in need around the globe.

So many people are jobless right now. So many are starving and fighting off deadly infections.

But your doubled gift will help ensure they survive.

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