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From the field | Healing Iraq one refugee at a time

Vernon Brewer
Oct 21, 2016

Being sick is scary … being sick without access to medical help is terrifying.

I still remember my fear when at 38 years old my life was changed by three fateful words: “You have cancer.” But I also remember the comfort of knowing my caring doctors would be beside me every step of the way.

Unfortunately, many of the sick and disabled refugees fleeing Mosul don’t have this same reassurance.

I met an elderly refugee woman today named Sobeha who suffers from several health problems and has difficulty walking. When ISIS invaded her village on the outskirts of Mousl, she was forced to leave and spent 60 days sleeping on the cold, hard ground in churchyards and parks while slowly traveling to a refugee camp.


When she finally arrived in a Christian refugee community, she was grateful to have the support of her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but she still didn’t have the medical care she needed … until now.

Thanks to your generosity, World Help’s mobile medical clinic arrived in Sobeha’s community today. I watched as she received a pair of crutches from the clinic and stood on her own for the first time in weeks.

I cannot describe the absolute joy I saw on that woman’s face.

Sobeha was one of 120 refugees from the Mosul area who was treated at the medical clinic today. As our team distributed wheelchairs and other essential medical supplies, dozens of people expressed their gratitude and told us that it’s only because of you that they’re alive.

Making sure these refugees continue to have the medical aid they need is especially vital as colder weather approaches. Winter illnesses such as the flu and bronchitis can spread quickly in crowded camps and easily become life threatening if not treated right away.

We need your help to ensure that doesn’t happen and that people like Sobeha don’t suffer alone.

When you give to a refugee, you literally save a life. Even more importantly, you provide long-term spiritual support and trauma counseling for these victims of war.

I know there were times during my cancer battle when even the doctor’s most encouraging words couldn’t get me through the darkest days. It was only because of my faith in Jesus and the support of my family that I kept fighting.

Just think — you can provide that same comfort to a refugee by introducing him to Christ, showing him you care, and helping him receive the long-term help he needs.


Please join me in investing in the holistic health of the people of Mosul, both now as the war rages on and in the coming days when they return home and begin rebuilding.

You can help heal the nation of Iraq by first healing its people.


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