From the Field in Syria | A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

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From the Field in Syria | A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

I met a refugee mother at the Syrian border today whose heart is breaking for her four-month-old son, Mohammed.

He’s dying.

Struggling against the cancerous tumor that has appeared on the side of his face and with no hope of proper medical care, his future looks incredibly bleak.

Can you imagine?

Little Mohammed entered a world that is collapsing with violence and chaos. His young mother is afraid . . . desperate for answers . . . desperate for help for her dying child . . . desperate for hope . . .

We cannot turn away.

Her story is another reason why we cannot afford to watch as Syria disintegrates and thousands of helpless people—innocent children—continue to suffer.

Please watch the video below and respond by providing help for Syrian refugees like Mohammed and his mother.
They are depending on us to wake up and respond with compassion. There’s no better time to help than now.

Vernon Brewer on the Syrian Border | A Mother’s Worst Nightmare from World Help.


How You Can Help

We can’t delay any longer. Please give today so we can get this urgent aid on the ground and into the hands of the Syrian people.

No matter what the situation is politically, these people are our neighbors . . . our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world . . . and we can’t let them down. We can choose to be indifferent, or we can choose to be the difference.

To learn more about our efforts for Syrian refugees visit

Fill out my online form.


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