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From the Field in Syria | Meeting the Survivors of the Syrian Massacres

Vernon Brewer
Jul 16, 2012

Today, I spent some time with several Syrian refugees fleeing the merciless slaughter that has overtaken the nation.

A son who lost his father, a son who lost three brothers . . . . they are alone,  facing unimaginable loss and indescribable pain . . . you can see it on their faces.

Despair is everywhere here. The refugees are struggling for survival. Food is running out. The international community has been virtually silent. It’s as if I’ve stepped into a nightmare.

Something has to change. We cannot look away—we must respond with compassion!

Please pray for these refugees. And pray that we are moved to respond to this terrible crisis with overwhelming boldness and generosity.

I need your help. We must show the world what is happening here. Please share this video today!

Vernon Brewer with Syrian Refugees from World Help.

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How You Can Help

We can’t delay any longer. Please give today so we can get this urgent aid on the ground and into the hands of the Syrian people.

No matter what the situation is politically, these people are our neighbors . . . our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world . . . and we can’t let them down. We can choose to be indifferent, or we can choose to be the difference.

Please continue to pray for the Syrian people and for World Help as we seek to provide help for today . . . and hope for tomorrow.

To learn more about our efforts for Syrian refugees visit

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