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From the Field in Syria | On Death’s Border

  • July 16, 2012
Photo of Vernon brewer
Vernon Brewer

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Today, I am on the ground in Jordan right on the edge of the Syrian border. This is one of the many sites along Syria’s outskirts where thousands of Syrian refugees are pouring in every day, fleeing for their lives . . . many have nothing left. All of their loved ones are wounded or dead, their homes burned, their livelihoods stolen away.

Our team is hard at work distributing humanitarian aid among the devastated refugees seeking safety here in Jordan. As we continue to assess how best to help these desperate people, one thing is clear: More supplies are urgently needed.

Please continue to pray—thousands of lives are hanging in the balance. Pray that God would move people to respond generously. There’s no time to waste!

Vernon Brewer on the Syrian Border from World Help.


How You Can Help

We can’t delay any longer. Please give today so we can get this urgent aid on the ground and into the hands of the Syrian people.

No matter what the situation is politically, these people are our neighbors . . . our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world . . . and we can’t let them down. We can choose to be indifferent, or we can choose to be the difference.

Please continue to pray for the Syrian people and for World Help as we seek to provide help for today . . . and hope for tomorrow.

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