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From the Field: No more poverty for Wilson

I’ve been back from Honduras for several days now, but the people I met and the stories I heard are very much still fresh on my mind.

Yesterday I shared the testimony of Daisy, a struggling single mother who has faced unbelievable tragedies in her life. You can find that blog post here.

Now I want to share about Wilson, one of Daisy’s oldest children, and how you can help people like him both in Honduras and around the globe.

Watch this video to hear Wilson’s story:

I admit I felt somewhat like a proud parent after meeting 17-year-old Wilson.

That’s because World Help donors have been investing in this young man’s life for years, and it’s incredible to see the impact their gifts have made.

Wilson is about to graduate high school, and he hopes to become a police officer someday. When he told me that, I thought of all the ways God could use him to help resolve some of the violence and gang-related issues that have been plaguing Honduras for so long.

Thanks to generous donors, Wilson has a bright future ahead of him. He doesn’t have to spend his entire life digging through filthy dumps and searching for recyclables to sell in order to survive.

Wilson can finally break through the cycle of poverty that has kept his family trapped for years.

Will you help provide another person like Wilson with a brighter future by providing physical help and spiritual hope?

When you give to help where needed most, your gift will make the greatest impact by meeting the most urgent needs around the world.

– You’ll help provide emergency aid for displaced families in high-conflict areas.

– You’ll give critical supplies to disaster victims struggling to survive a storm’s aftermath.

– You’ll provide clean water for children suffering from waterborne diseases.

– You’ll put God’s Word in the hands of persecuted Christians.

– Or help provide life-changing physical help and spiritual hope in another way!

Every $14 you give will impact one person like Wilson. Every $14 you give will help transform a life forever.

I promise it will be one of the best investments you ever make.

Please give what you can today.

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