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From the field | Spreading change, one person at a time

Vernon Brewer
Mar 07, 2017

When people ask me what help and hope look like, the first example I think of is Gilgal Children’s Home in Manipur, India.

You can’t walk onto the campus without immediately feeling there is something special about this place.

Many people would be paralyzed by the overwhelming poverty, illiteracy, and spiritual darkness in this region of India… but not the Gilgal staff. They’re dedicated to making a difference, one child at a time.

And because of your help, they’ve been able to do just that.

Through child sponsorship and community development projects, you’ve helped Gilgal staff provide hundreds of children with quality care and the best education possible.

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It’s a blessing to return year after year and see the improvements being built to give these children a better life. One of the most dramatic improvements is the addition of a state-of-the-art water filtration system. Now, the children are healthier and have clean water every day.

Recently, our partners at Gilgal told me they would like to share this clean water with the community beyond their campus. After all, their passion is to train these boys and girls to become help-bringers and hope-givers themselves.

What better way than to lead by example by providing the people of Manipur with the one thing they need most: clean water.

Unfortunately, one in 10 people around the world still drink contaminated water every day.

The global water crisis, like the physical and spiritual poverty in India, can be overwhelming. But if we each commit to help one person at a time, imagine the difference we can make!

You may not be able to give clean water to everyone … but you can help one thirsty child today.

All it takes is $15 to provide one person with clean water.

Will you change a life today?


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