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From the Field: Syrians living in miserable conditions

  • April 25, 2018
Photo of Vernon brewer
Vernon Brewer

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Many Syrians have fled the violence of civil war and ISIS, but they haven’t escaped the suffering.

Right now, I’m in a refugee camp on the Syrian border where families are just trying to survive. They are living in deplorable conditions … there’s trash everywhere. It literally looks like the camp was built on a landfill. Exposed pipes, old tires, and sewage litter a small stream that runs through the camp.

I’ve met families who have lived in these wretched conditions for five years — rarely ever having enough to eat.

Children like Abram — whose name I’ve changed — were born in the refugee camps and know no other life. At age 5, he’s known only hunger and suffering. “Sadly, to the world he’s just a number,” said our guide at the camp. “But his life is so much more than that.”

Today you can show a child like Abram that he hasn’t been forgotten. You can help him have a full stomach and the possibility of a brighter future.

Your gift of $35 will provide food, medicine, and clothing for one refugee for more than a week.

Please continue to pray for Syrian refugees … and please give to this urgent need today.

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