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Fundraiser Lagging? Here’s the Recipe for Your Comeback.

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Mar 18, 2016

You’ve made your fundraising page, shared it on social media, and even received a few donations. But now that the initial excitement is beginning to fade, you may wonder if you’ll be able to reach $450.

We’ve got your back. Here are some tips for rekindling interest and getting back on track:

1.  Anticipate the Slump

Recognize that your fundraiser will go through a slump toward the middle of the campaign. At the beginning, people are excited as you share your vision for clean water, but eventually, interest will naturally taper off.

Don’t lose heart! Now is the perfect time to share one of World Help’s water videos, stories, or images, and remind your communities to give.

2.  Set a Deadline

If you haven’t already set a deadline for your campaign, do so now. After the mid-campaign slump, interest will spike again as a deadline approaches. Make sure you don’t forget to contact supporters who initially expressed interest but procrastinated in donating.

Even if you haven’t reached your goal when the deadline passes, don’t be tempted to extend your deadline indefinitely—your fundraiser will no longer have the urgency needed to drive donations.

3.  Follow Up Without Being Awkward

For many people, repeatedly asking for donations can be uncomfortable—for you and the person you’re asking. A simple solution is to reframe the way you talk about your fundraiser. Shift from asking for money to inviting them to be part of something bigger than themselves—this is an opportunity for them to make a life changing difference.

If someone feels they can connect with clean water on a personal level, they’re much more likely to give. And while you don’t want to be obnoxious or rude, make sure you aren’t being so polite that you forget to ask people to give!


Be a clean water advocate wherever you go!

We’ll send you a free water team T-shirt when you raise $75 or more.


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