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Getting a head start on a fresh start

Kelsey Campbell
Oct 26, 2018

While her mother works tirelessly as a waitress, Filly imagines life as a successful doctor. And as Baikhaw’s mother leaves early and comes home late from her factory job, Baikhaw dreams of becoming a teacher one day so she can inspire other children.

These little girls dream of a future where they are independent and have careers that help others. But without support, they will likely work low-paying, manual labor jobs to provide for their families. Why? Because they come from one of Thailand’s many slums, where poverty is a life that people are born into and their futures are dictated by it.

And places like the Bang Na Slum are where cultural slavery often takes root. Debilitating poverty leaves parents struggling to provide for their children. Many women are forced to work in factories during the day and Thailand’s sex industry at night as the only way to keep their families alive.

While they are away, their children are left to fend for themselves. These kids are often exploited for unpaid labor or criminal activities, and they are prone to physical and sexual abuse.

But one child sponsorship program in Thailand is helping break this vicious cycle by giving children access to early education, nutritious food, and medical care.

Concordia Community Center is providing preschool-aged children like Baikhaw and Filly the chance to attend an educational daycare. The children receive healthy snacks and have access to medical care, as well as hear about Jesus Christ.

Concordia also offers Saturday tutoring for grade school-aged children. And not only is this program reaching older children, it also is ministering to the entire Bang Na Slum. Elderly relatives don’t have to worry about keeping track of the children while their parents work.

Parents have peace of mind knowing their children are in a safe, loving environment while also receiving an education.

Baikhaw and Filly are now hopeful about their dreams for the future. Education will give them opportunities their mothers never had. But these girls can’t continue their education if they don’t have financial support.

You can give a boy or girl living in Thailand hope for a better future. When you choose to sponsor an at-risk child attending the Concordia Community Center, you are helping protect him or her from exploitation. You also are giving one child a fresh start in life — free from the crushing cycle of poverty.

You can transform the future for a child like Baikhaw or Filly today. For a monthly gift of $35, you will provide necessities like healthy food, an education, and access to medical care.

Click below to learn more about the kids in this program and to become a sponsor today.


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