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Coal Ornament

Hand-carved and painted coal ornament with indigenous markings. Crafted by young apprentices in Columbia.

Ugandan Animals – Giraffe

Hand-stuffed small African animals, sewn with traditional Ugandan patterns. Small stuffed animals are approximately 2.75’W x 5’H.

Nepali Necklace

Braided jute necklace woven through carved wood beads and a turquoise pendant.

Columbian Acai Bracelet

Naturally dyed acai berry seeds strung on a spiral frame, crafted by artisans. Color: “pear” green

Nildo’s Memorial Fund

More than 25 years ago, a little boy named Nildo changed our lives. He became the inspiration behind World Help’s outreach to children around the world. Thousands have been inspired by his story and countless children have been given the hope of a second chance...
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