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Concert Travel Fee

Concert Travel Fee

This Travel Fee will secure the Children of the World Choir concert date that you have scheduled for your church / school. Please be advised that if the concert is canceled, the Travel Fee becomes a Cancelation Fee. Thank you for your decision to host our special...

Coal Ornament

Hand-carved and painted coal ornament with indigenous markings. Crafted by young apprentices in Columbia.

Ugandan Animals – Giraffe

Hand-stuffed small African animals, sewn with traditional Ugandan patterns. Small stuffed animals are approximately 2.75’W x 5’H.

Nepali Necklace

Braided jute necklace woven through carved wood beads and a turquoise pendant.

Columbian Acai Bracelet

Naturally dyed acai berry seeds strung on a spiral frame, crafted by artisans. Color: “pear” green
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