Digital Bibles

For over 40 years, the distribution of Bibles was illegal in Cuba. Now, amidst radical social and political change, the ban has been lifted, and more than 11 million Cubans have the opportunity to read God’s Word freely for the first time. These people are ready for revival. Christianity is quickly growing, but there are not nearly enough Bibles in the country to keep up with this growth.

You can help satisfy this need and quickly spread God’s Word throughout Cuba by giving digital Bibles on USB drives. These drives are easily sharable, and since nearly every family in Cuba has access to a computer, each one has the potential to reach dozens of people, both believers and nonbelievers.

For only $20, you can provide one digital Bible.

How You can Help

We're a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.