Help free Banchara girls from a life of cultural slavery

Help free Banchara girls from a life of cultural slavery


The need | Banchara girls trapped in the sex trade

For centuries, girls from the low-caste Banchara tribe in India have been victims of cultural slavery — forced into the sex industry to pay their families’ debts. Some girls will even begin working at the age of 12. In the Banchara culture, the oldest daughter of each family is taught from an early age that she must become a sex worker to provide for her family’s needs and pay for her brother’s dowries. Her life will be filled with STDs, physical abuse, and emotional pain. But for her, there is no other choice.

This 500-year-old tradition has robbed countless generations of their freedom. Without an education, these girls will spend their lives trapped as cultural slaves.

The solution| Education and opportunity

Over that past several years, World Help’s partners in India have worked to build a relationship with the Banchara people. That relationship has begun to open doors and start conversations that will show the Banchara there is another option for these girls. The cycle of abuse and slavery can end now.

With your help, a girl can stay at the local Freedom Center, where she will have the opportunity to receive a quality education. That education will allow her to find employment outside of the sex industry, giving her a future full of hope. At the Freedom Center she will also hear the Gospel, finally learning that she is loved and valued by God.

How you can help

Your support will give one girl the tools she needs to escape a life of cultural slavery.

• $50 provides one girl with a month of education

• $600 provides one girl with an education for one year

It’s her freedom … but it’s your fight. Will you fight for one girl in India today?


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