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For months before our precious son made his entrance to this world nearly nine years ago, we poured over names that might suit the little life we were anticipating. Finally settling upon a non-traditional name – Kelson – a combination of his great-grandfather, Nelson, and his cousin, Kelly, we had no way of knowing just how perfectly fitting this name would be for the little boy who was about to change our lives forever. We knew that according to Merriam-Webster, a keelson was “a longitudinal structure running above and fastened to the keel of a ship in order to stiffen and strengthen its framework”…in short, our son’s name would mean “added strength”. No way could we have known the strength one little boy could possess, or the strength he would impart to all whose lives he touched.

Faced with insurmountable challenges from his first breath, Kelson embodied strength, resilience, and determination from the word go. As doctors scratched their heads and searched for solutions, he fought. As he endured countless surgeries, treatments, and therapies, he was strong. As diagnoses piled up, and answers remained elusive, he refused to give in. As his body twisted and weakened and began to fail him, still, with extraordinary strength and courage, he fought.

On May 5, 2020, surrounded by those who loved him most, Kelson surrendered to all he’d been fighting every day of his life, took Jesus’ hand, and with no more pain, nothing more to be strong against, nothing more to be afraid of, he stepped into a perfect, healed, whole body for the rest of eternity.

Left behind to find our way without him, those of us who loved Kelson most know we must find a way to channel our sadness and grief for good. Like his namesake, Kelly Loveland Gourley, Kelson’s reach was wide, and his passing left a big hole in our hearts. When Kelly was called home over 10 years ago, tremendous grief encompassed those she left behind, and when Kelson was born just a few months later, a different kind of grief was added to the hearts of our extended family, as we searched for answers and prayed for his healing. In their search for healing, Kelly’s parents, David and Carol Loveland, also knew they must somehow channel their sadness and grief into something more…something that would impact the world for Christ. As they searched for what that something might be, they also prayed in earnest for Kelson their great-nephew. And God, in His perfect timing, provided the opportunity to honor Kelly.

They would build a home, in Kelly’s memory, which would serve children with the most critical special needs in Guatemala. And today in our grief for Kelson, we can continue to support that home – Kelly’s House – and the fragile children they care for, as a tribute to Kelson’s beautiful life and courageous strength.

Opened in 2012 and expanded in 2017, Kelly’s House is now home to 100 resident children and serves more than 50 additional boys and girls who come in for regular treatment. Their ages range from 4 to 18. The children of Kelly’s House are faced with a plethora of medical and developmental complications, much like the challenges that Kelson fought so courageously throughout his young life.

We have often pondered what Kelson’s life would have been like, had he been born in another place, or to another family…if he had not had access to the best medical care and treatment possible. We were blessed to have been able to give Kelson the best of everything, which undoubtedly resulted in more years with him…more smiles, more giggles, more love, from our beautiful baby boy. Kelson was offered his birthday gifts as donations to Kelly’s House for many years, and we are peacefully certain he is in complete support of channeling your gifts to celebrate his life to his friends there, so that they may also experience more years of smiles, laughter, and love.


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