Bibles for North Korea

Vernon Brewer discusses North Korean persecution on EWTN

North Korea has been in the news a lot recently — stories about test-firing ballistic missiles and even the possibility of war becoming a concern.

But there is one story you won’t see or hear from the media: Right now, persecuted believers in North Korea are willing to risk their lives for the chance to have their own copy of God’s Word.
Owning a Bible in North Korea is a terrible risk. Those who are caught can be interrogated, beaten, or jailed. But despite the danger, they are desperate for the comfort of Scripture.

We cannot ignore the bruised, broken, and forgotten church of North Korea. For just $10, you can place a Bible into the hands of a believer facing brutal persecution.
• $50 provides 5 Bibles
• $100 provides 10 Bibles
• $500 provides 50 Bibles

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