Freedom From The Sex Industry

Thailand – Freedom from the sex industry

Thailand is a major hub for sex trafficking — victims are usually from rural, impoverished areas of the country as well as from other poverty-stricken nations. Women and young girls are forcibly taken or lured with promises of economic opportunity in cities like Pattaya and Bangkok, which are home to thousands of sex workers.

Most are taught to believe there is no other way they can provide for their families other than the sex trade. It is seen both as their duty and destiny.

But you can give one woman a new destiny.

With your support, she will be given the chance to stay at a Freedom Center where she can start over and dream about what she will become. She will receive the tools needed to escape a life of sexual slavery — tools like education, vocational opportunities, trauma counseling, and spiritual guidance.

It’s her freedom … but it’s your fight. Will you fight for one young woman in Thailand today?

• $60 starts one woman on the path to freedom
• $120 starts two women on the path to freedom
• $180 starts three women on the path to freedom

How You can Help

We're a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.