Freedom From The Sex Industry

Thailand is a major hub for victims of the sex industry both from rural, impoverished areas of the country and other nations with impoverished backgrounds. Women and young girls are forcibly taken or lured with promises of economic opportunity in cities like Pattaya which is home to at least 30,000-50,000 sex workers.

The life of these young women is perilous. They are constantly at risk of disease, exploitation, abuse, drug dependency, malnutrition, and emotional trauma. The majority will remain uneducated, with no opportunity for a better life.

Most are taught to believe that there is no other way they can provide for their families than to continue in the sex trade. It is seen both as their duty and destiny.

These young girls are among the most vulnerable and exploited people on the face of the earth.

World Help is actively committed to bringing the hope and freedom of Christ to victims of Thailand’s sex industry. Through World Help’s work in Bangkok and our new project beginning soon in Pattaya, former prostitutes are experiencing and will experience restoration and healing.

Strategically located on the doorstep of Bangkok and Pattaya’s red light districts, our program is designed to offer a family-styled atmosphere where young girls and women who desire to escape sex trade can come for safe-haven, fellowship, and support.

Ladies who decide to enter the program are given the gift of education on every level—from basic schooling all the way up to advanced university courses. Participants may also choose to learn a vocational trade, allowing them to have a lucrative career alternative for earning a living apart from the sex industry.

In every step of restoration, the hope of the Gospel is at the center. Through Bible reading, prayer, counseling sessions, and group study, many of these young women have been set free from their past and are becoming new Christ followers.

Through time, purposeful investment, and the healing touch of God, we believe these women can be restored to experience full lives characterized by dignity and joy.

On average, it costs about $1,000 a month to provide food, housing, and education through university or vocational school for one girl.

Your gift of any amount will help us meet this great need.

We will shine a light. We will reach out a hand. We will offer the hope of new beginnings.

How You can Help

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