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Give freedom for Christmas

Blog Team
Dec 03, 2017

For most, Christmas is a season of hope and light. Of course there are the candles and the twinkling lights, but there’s also the light that comes from knowing we are free in Christ. How often do we take that freedom for granted?

Jesus came into a dark world to bring light and freedom. But today, thousands of girls in India and Thailand face a lifetime of darkness trapped in the sex industry. This Christmas season, you can flood their lives with the light of Jesus and give them a chance at a different future.

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All it takes is $50 to help change a girl’s life. You’ll help provide her with an education so she can have a life outside the sex industry. Plus, she will have access to a supportive community and a chance to hear about God’s love.

But it doesn’t stop there — when you give freedom to a girl, you bring light to her family and her community. It’s a simple gift, but it will make a world of difference.

You can be Jesus’ hands and feet to a young girl in India or Thailand this Christmas by reminding her she is loved and valued by her Heavenly Father.

Will you shine a light by giving a girl and her family the gift of freedom today?

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